Dinner Parties

Let your healthy palate dine with the best food has to offer

I want to entertain your guests and give them a wonderful experience. My farm to table cooking style will not only nourish your guests with healthy nutrients but will satisfy their delicious tastebuds as well. Having me as your personal chef at your home will give you that fine dinning experience in the comfort of your own home. 

Dinner parties can be elegant, yet rustic, professional, yet personal, and will always seek to bring the best food that your guests deserve. I can offer a variety of options, including (but not limited to): vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free, farm to table meals, clean wholesome meals that will satisfy any palate. 

Dinner parties can be:

  • A social event for no less than 10 guests, up to 40
  • In the privacy of your home
  • Catering menu upon request

Corporate Lunches:


  • Collaborative menu planning
  • Food shopping
  • Staff upon request 
  • Clean-up

For further information, contact me!  

Here are just a few examples of what I offer. Each menu I will create with you to make the best choices possible for your own taste.

Option 1:

  • Appetizer -Individual plated Roasted Chic peas with caramelized onions served in cups with brushed olive oil crisp toast, alongside 2 cheese selections and a warm date stuffed with goats cheese wrapped in prosciutto.

  • Soup- Butternut Squash Shooter

  • Salad- Sautéed Wild Mushrooms with grilled Asparagus and caramelized onions tossed with Arugula and sherry basalmic vinaigrette

  • Dinner-Filet mignon in a tarragon sauce + Grilled seasoned jumbo shrimp (2)

  • Dessert- Heart shaped cookies with a scoop of vanilla gelato and dusted powdered sugar with raspberries

Option 2:

  • Appetizer- Fresh Ricotta with sauté chopped broccoli rabe Cannelloni beans and shaved fresh lemon zest on toast

  • Salad- Simple Arugula salad w/ roasted beets& roasted butternut squash tossed in a dijon mustard dressing and topped w/ a delicate parmiagano crisp

  • Pasta- Warm polenta topped with infused pesto oil

  • Dinner-Maple crusted Salmon +Herb crusted boneless organic chicken breasts w/ sautéed spinach or a boneless chicken breast stuffed with spinach,mushrooms and caramelized onions with goats cheese in a light gluten free gravy.

  • Dessert- Fresh fruit w/ individual cups of melted chocolate

Option 3:

  • Appetizer- Mini black bean cakes w/avocado sauce and corn relish Soup-Roasted Red Pepper Bisque w/ brushed herbed toast

  • Salad- Chopped corn salad w/ lime vinaigrette

  • Dinner- Spiced flank steak +shrimp or Chicken +shrimp alongside Roasted cauliflower smash and sautéed kale

  • Dessert- Mini coconut cupcake

Option 4:

  • Appetizer- Asian chicken meatball sliders+Tuna w/ wasabi sliders

  • Soup-Carrot Ginger

  • Salad- Asian crunchy chopped salad

  • Dinner- Miso Glazed Salmon +2 jumbo Shrimp alongside buckwheat soba noodles w/ shredded carrots, raddicchio, and scallions in a rice wine and tamari vinaigrette.

  • Dessert- Poached pears w/vanilla gelato and candied pecans