Hear what some of my clients had to say about my services

Thank you Jen and the Healthy Palate ! I recently completed a 21 day nutritional detox program and could not have done it without the help, support and assistance of Jen. One of the most challenging parts of a detox program is preparing the foods when you have a busy lifestyle and family members that are not involved in the process. I sought out help from the Healthy Palate and was so happy I did so because it was much easier to accomplish my goal. Jen is very knowledge not only with nutritional detox regimens and their challenges, but she knows much about health supportive foods and was caring and understanding to what I was going through during the process. The food was delicious with all organic ingredients used, and the best part was…..it was delivered to my door by Jen with a smile! I am so thankful and would encourage others to contact Jen for any of her unique offerings.
— Susan, Integrative Health Care Practitioner
Over 2 years ago I had a massive heart attack and had to make big changes in my diet. A friend introduced me to Jennifer not long after,and she has introduced my family and I to new way of eating and living. I was a poor eater at best, but after I told Jennifer what I liked to eat, she came up with healthy great tasting alternatives. We had Jennifer cook 3 dinners for us per week and before we knew it our 3 kids were eating healthy as well. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who is seeking a great tasting healthy lifestyle. She is reliable and innovative and an overall pleasure to work with. Our experience is home cooked Michelin level food.
— Mark and Cindy, Client
I was going through a rough time with some health issues and instead of sending flowers or dinner over, a friend decided to send me Jen! Jennifer came to my house, with everything we needed to cook with and showed me healthier ways to prepare my meals.She became an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend. She helped me through some health issues and taught me a better way to cook and eat for my body. Alternating weeks , Jen would also deliever food to my house. I see a big change in my physical and mental well being! I am now making healthier decisions, not only for me but for my entire family as well. I recommend working with Jen either as a cook or having meals delivered right to your home. It’s a great way to get yourself back on track or if you are just interested in a healthier lifestyle!
— Annamarie, Client
I would like to take a moment to recommend Jen Asfar and the Healthy Palate for all your catering needs. As a pharmaceutical representative I ordered from her quite often. Every time, her food was consistently delicious, nutritious, and beautifully presented. Every staff member in the office couldn’t wait until their healthy lunch arrived…..We also love Jen’s desserts….

Thank you Jen for your Awesome healthy food!!!
— Holly, Pharmaceutical Rep / Client
In a modern world today when both husband and wife have to work and children are in several activities, it is hard to have dinner on the table in a timely fashion. Jennifer has helped me in the privacy of my own kitchen menu plan my dinners for the week. She also has taught me healthy cooking techniques and made recipes that even my children enjoyed. I love the convenience of having her help me get through the week with food packaged and ready to eat in my refrigerator.
— Kim, Nurse / Client